How to backup and delete old entries of change log - NAVISION 2009 R2

Hello All,

I am newbie at NAVISION and I need the help to backup (xls file) and delete old entries of change log to increase performance.

My NAVISION is running Native Database.

Could someone please help me steps to do this task?


I realised in an old Version (4 or 5) by this using the ODBC Drivers to import the Data in Access (Excel is very limited … No of Lines etc…)… If you don’t have MS Access, you may other Database. Also possible to use a Dataport to Export Data to a Text File or use CAL and write the Data into simple Text File…

Hi dirk,

Thanks for your reply. My problem is the Entries in change log very large and caused decrease performance. So, I want to delete the entries in change log.
Could you show me steps to delete entries change log?

I am a newbie of NAV, so please forgive me if disturbing you.


you need a license and user rights to have the Permissions to do this. If you have, you can start the Obect Designer, find the “Change Log” Table and start it.

Now you can select and Filter Entries to delete.

As you are a New other Solutions like writing Code to do this will not fit …

Hi Dirk,

I will try it. Thanks for your advance help.