How to automate backup and restore in Classic SQL NAV

Hello, it’s probably already discussed here many times but my apology as i could not find the exact answers/suggestions that I’d need.

It’s Classic NAV 4x SQL based. I’d need to automate a process to do a full copy of an NAV Company (production) and restore it on another server that people could use an everyday fresh copy of it.


And why is it that you cannot use the normal SQL Server backup?

Otherwise can recommend you to use Expandit Backup Utility:

Thank you, Erik. It seems as the simple SQL backup and restore might work for having a fresh NAV copy for the data. If there are any changes on Cards,codeunits, etc. side then it could be a manual NAV backup and restore then.

A SQL Backup would also contain the objects. It is a full database backup. Not just data.


Not like other applications Dynamics NAV hold all the business logic and data inside SQL database. Therefore if you have the full SQL backup with you, that means you are safe.

Thank you, Tharanga. I did test it making changes into a page on my demo (not Classic) and restored it into another db that I backed before and all changes were there. That is great!