How to auto update Unit Price = Current Average Cost for Customer Price Group?

Hi all professional,

My company is using NAV2009 SP1 with customizations. We have 8 entities in our group.

My company is using Weighted Average costing method, when the inventories are selling to our affiliates, they want the Sales Unit Price = Current average cost.

My setup as below:

  1. Go to Customer Card, set “Customer Price Group” = “Interco” for the 7 affiliates in Customer Cards.

  2. Go to Item Card → Sales function, Price. Set Sales Type = “Customer Price Group”, Sales Code = “Interco”, Cost-plus% = 0. Then the Unit Price will reflect same as “Cost”.

After we run “Adjust Cost - Item Entries”, the Unit Cost in Item Card will be updated to latest average cost. However, the Unit Price in Sales Price table for Customer Price Group will not be updated automatically. Unless I click enter at every items in Sales Price table (point at “Cost-plus%” then enter), the Unit Price just updated to latest Average Cost.

I have tried all methods like Suggest Item Price on Wksh/Suggest Sales Price on Wksh/Implement Price Change… but no one is working. Our NAV vendor told me that if none is working, i have to manually do it myself.

I have 500+ items each entity x 8 entities, and it needs to be updating frequently, can any expertise help me? I am just maintain the setup and data for my company, i got no IT programming knowledge.

Many many thanks in advance!