How to auto calculate child table 'lineNo' value ?

Hi Expert ,

I have created a form with one table using Object Designer . Its working fine.Now i want to work with child table but i am facing a problem how to maintain child table ‘linNo’. Please give me suggestion how it can be possible to auto calculate ‘LineNo’ field value .

Thanks Surajit

Look at the standard form & subform concept…

Hi amol ,

I think , we need to be add code in Code unit .Am i wright ?



Not necessarily! It all can be done by your tables’ triggers.

Why don’t you take Amol’s advice and would look at some existing Header and Line tables?!

Looking at the tables isn’t going to help. As Amol said, look at the forms.

Search “AutoSplitKey” in Help.

Using Autosplitkey property.