How to attach a word Document???

Dear Experts, I got a situation here from my client… Kindly let me know how do I deal with it. Situation: My client is a Trading company with 7 branches all over India and with Head office in Chennai. Now, if a sales order is raised in any of the branches it is notified to the head office and the Inventory Head who sits in the Head office will authorise a “go ahead” to the Sales order and then along with the Purchase Order given by the customer will send an ORDER ACCEPTANCE LETTER (word Format) to the client with info like : delivery dates, items ordered, shipping address, amount etc from the head office. Isuue: How do i deal with this “order acceptance” part in Navision??? Can I attach any word doc to the So and send it throu mail to the client??? Please throw some light on this… with regards Shilpa

Hello, I would recommend a Navision PO field (TEXT=180 width) that is linked to the file that is stored on you server. Create an report or menu button to send email. It will sent a PO report with an attachment of the file that is linked. Use codeunit Mail as a calling function Mail.NEWMESSAGE(EmailAddress,’’,SubjectText,’’,WordFileToSend,FALSE); Good luck.

Is your INVOICE diff from the “Order Acceptance”. I mean don’t you send out an “INVOICE Letter” generated from the sales order.

Actually, the squence is not important. You can create the word document, or receive it from someone. Then Generate a Navision DOCUMENT (Invoice or Order). When printing you can specify in the OPTIONS TAB to send Attachment when printing or previewing. The attachment again could be anything, WORD DOC, PDF DOC, EXCEL DOC, ZIP FILES etc. Does this answer your question?

Hi Shilpa, standard Navision allows you to send an Order Confirmation report via email. All you do is select print from the sales order select Order Confirmation, preview it then from the file menu, select Send, and then Report By Email. The standard report contains all the information you require, if not the report can be modified. Hope this helps…Paul