How to assign and cal item qty to different entry type

hi all,

i would like to assign and cal each item qty from item ledger entry different entry type in navision report as the entry type is option - there got purchase, sale and Positive adjustment and negative adjustment.

please help.

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Which version of Navision you are using ?

You try using format before you assign…

for much detailed answer please explain you situation.

hi Amol,

i’ m using MS dynamic navision version 5.

hi Anil,

I’m quit new in Navision and less knowledge. Please bear with me.

My scenario is i would like make a report is item group by Inventory posting group and item brand.

In the report i would like to show out each Item Number Purchase Qty , Sales Qty, Positive Adjustment Qty, Negative Adjustment Qty with every year from the Item ledger Entry.

Since Item Ledger Entry Entry type is option type, i need to assign Purchase Qty , Sales Qty, Positive Adjustment Qty, Negative Adjustment Qty to each variable with each entry type Purchase, Sales, Positive Adjustment, Negative Adjustment .

My problem is don’t know how to assign and write the code for each Purchase Qty , Sales Qty, Positive Adjustment Qty, Negative Adjustment Qty record to each variable, since the type is option and have more than 2 type.

Hi Cyloh,

You can try the below code;

On the aftergetrecord of the dataitem Item.

ItemLedgerEntry.setcurrentkey(Item No.,Entry Type,Variant Code,Drop Shipment,Location Code,Posting Date);

ItemLedgerEntry.setrange(“Entry type”,“Entry type”::Purchase);



PurchaseQty := ItemLedgerEntry.quantity;

Similarly you can do this for sales, positive adjustment and negative adjustment etc.,

let me know if you have more questions.


Hi Anil,

thanks for your idea. i will try and update you .thanks

Hi Anil,

If i would like just run report out the item no which is have quantity in from ILE, what coding should write out?

Hi Cyloh,

Can you be more specific. please… do you want to show the items only which are having inventory…?

hi Anil,

Thanks your reply.

Yes. Since there have four type, i must show item which are having inventory in the four type or either any one type have inventory will show too.


It is tough to explain the solution in the forum.

i can take a session and show you how to fix it.

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