How to apply the serial number functionality without using number sequence ???

How to apply the serial number functionality in ax 2012 without using number sequence

in this case I have 20 transactions in form,

customer to see how many lines (transactions) to identification purpose

How to achieve??

You can create the serial numbers manually.

What transactions do you have?

Can you please explain in detail?

On each line you would need to register - this is done line by line based upon the items requiring it - but you cannot post without it unless you allow it.

thanks for reply kranthi , already on form is there , form contains data like 20 records for example item id item name, I need to put one more field serial no field it will come automatically like 1…20

Are you talking about the inventory serial number? or a custom field?

custom field , this is new form

How the 20 transactions in that form are created? Why cannot you assign the serial number at the time of creation of these records?

for example iam telling 20 transactions,serial NO.PNG

this is the requirement above

You haven’t told on how they are created?

no, I created one field I need give the values how many records are there , count of that values to assign starting with 1…

You use the similar approach of line number in AX. Get the last number and 1 to it.
Have a look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Methods\lastLineNum