How to amend Posted Invoice with wrong currency exchange rate?


I am using Navision 3.70B. I have created a Purchase Invoice with vendor currency = USD. I have posted with a wrong exchange rate, i.e. 3.328. The correct exchange rate is 3.189.

This purchase invoice consists of 3 items and an item charge. The item A has 39 quantity, Item B has 180 quantity and Item C has 26 quantity. The costing method is Average.

We have sold 20 units from Item B and 26 units for Item C. We have also used 60 units from Item B for production and posted the consumption journal.

The remaining quantity for Item A is 39, Item B is 100 and Item C is 0 (zero).

My questions are:-

  1. How to correct only the Amount(LCY) in the vendor? The USD amount is correct?

  2. Can we correct the item unit cost that have been sold or used in production?

  3. How to correct the Total Purchase Value (LCY) in G/L?

Please advice.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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The way I solved a similar problem was with the help of an item charge. I created an item charge named ‘correction’ and assigned the charge to the initial receipt lines using a purchase invoice.

Maybe this is not a scientific NAV solution but the advantage is that your costs and purchase value in the g/l are correct and the effort is minimal.



Did you try to do a credit memo and then repost the invoice. Not tried it but might work. But only check how item charge gets effected by Credit memo.


Hi Ykc,

I suggest that you complete the sales invoice, anddo a credit memo. (via copy document) with exact cost reversal.

Then redo the sales invoice with the correct exchange rate.


Yes, the credit memo is probably the best solution. But before doing it, you follow the exact reverse process of what was done earlier. I.e if you purchased->, then followed up with item charges, then first reverse (cr. Memo) the item charges and then reverse (cr. Memo) the purchase. Otherwise if you just do a cr. memo for purchase only, the item charges just sits in the inventory as the link to the item is lost.


I am currently using Credit Memo for this kind of situation but I think gerrit’s charge item method is creative. I will give it a thought.