how to allow selecting a customer posting group

Hi Experts,

We have a concern, our client want to have different customer posting group for one customer, how can they do it on sales order or invoice form without going to in customer card?


On Sales header part you can display the field Customer Posting Group for selection and make it editable.

Hi Amol, Thanks for the reply. I did that and make it editable and it work.


Thanks again for your solution. we can now change posting group on sales header.


Hi Amol,

I still have a problem, hope anyone can help.

Yes we were able to allow customer posting group to be editable on Sales Order or invoice form, but our problem is how can we set that the posting group used in the SO or invoice form will be the posting group when posted? Because as we run it, the group accounts in customer card will be the entry when posted, also we are not allowed by NAV when choosing customer in SO when customer card customer posting group is empty or when posting it is an error if receivable account is not specified in the group set in customer card.

What we wanted is we will choose group in the SO or invoice form

If that was only for one customer then the easiest way was to go to customer card change the posting group & again select the customer in the SO.

Cause setup’s are one time setup & not done at the data entry every time.

Thanks Manish,

We have a thousands of customers, and our management doesnt want to create 4 customer card for each customer for 4 different type of posting group. All they want is they will just choose customer posting group each transaction

It means that every customer cannot have a fixed posting group, it depends on the your managements decision.

Have you considered the following:

If these Customer Posting Groups specify different GL Accounts, what happens when the customer sends a single payment that applied to invoices across multiple posting groups?

Yes they cannot have a fixed posting group, thats our probz… Why other posting group can be edited on Sales header like VAT Bus group of that customer?

Customer sends payment per statement of accounts and each group has its own statement

But On NAV, they cannot select posting group, I mean thy can select because we set it as editable but the posted entry is based on the group set on the customer card

If you cannot have fixed posting group then create only one posting group & use different dimensions values when posting the document.

Thanks Manish, If it is really not a standard in NAV then we dont have a choice but to use dimension

NAV has the standards but we need to follow them.

be careful in allowing editable posting groups. If there is no control, suddenly 6 months down the road you will find everyone has used the posting groups as per his understanding. We have issues like this for eg, the same customer is a trader, or a retail or an export. Best option is to create same customer name for each posting group and link them through parent-child for reports.