How to Adjust the actual cost to Outbound entry

Hi All ,

I created a new item , Costing method = FIFO and
Purchased Details
invoiced on 07/01/11 Qty – 1 @ Cost = 100 . again I received the same item on
Invoiced 07/02/11 Qty – 1 @200 .
Sold Details
item on 07/04/11 Qty – 1 @ 500 .
Now when I open the Transaction Form for the sales entry Cost amount @ 150 ( I can understand it has taken the average cost ) .
My Question is How can I know which in bound entry applied to outbound entry ?
How can I adjust the Cost ( Apart from Inventory closing functionality any is available to adjust the correct cost to out bound entry)
Thanks in advance.

The inventory closing does this, why do you want another process?

It in part depends upon the rest of your setup, dimension group setup for financial inventory and marking. Without these sort of configurations the average is used until the inventory close is run, but you can do this every day if you wish.

Hi ,

It is taking so much time to post the adjustmnet cost , so could i know any another solution ?

Hi ,

My another Question is How can I know which in bound entry applied to outbound entry ( where can i see this information)

There is no other solution to the inventory close.

The inbound and outbound depend upon the setup of the marking and dimension groups, depending upon how these are set there is potentially nowhere where you can see the inbound and outbound entry relationship as it is not defined, it is merely a costing application.

Hi Sir,

As per your statement there is no another functionality available to adjust the cost for out bound entries apart from the Inventory Closing . Am i right ?

I want to know the Applied entries for an out bound entry ( which is availble in Standard NAV)

Please guide me

Yes you are correct.

This is not NAV, any funcitonality in NAV is irrelevant, it would be like me posting in NAV asking for the balanced scorecard functionality.

If you configure marking, or user serial numbers, or batch numbers you can see this easily, of not you would have to look at the lot numbers. As I have never had this requirement where the customer was not using the functionality I have never explored it, where they require this relationship they have used the described functions, then from the stock transaction you can look at the marking and see the relationships.

Thank you for the explanation.