How to add Two Datetime Fields

Hi Everybody,

Can any one tell how to add two datatime fields.

Can you tell us with ex. how do you want?

… is a good question.

Because, Ravi, have you ever thought of the logic adding two time instances? Say, what would be the result of 1 o’clock + 2 o’clock? Do you get what I mean? It’s total nonsense. [H]

The addition operation related to time matters only makes sense when you would add

  1. two durations, f.e. 1 hour + 2 hours results in a total duration of 3 hours.
  2. a duration to a time instance, f.e. 2 o’clock + 1 hour results in a new time instance: 3 o’clock.

So what do you want exactly?

Definitely need more information. I didn’t read the add as summation or +, but rather adding fields to a table. No clue what is actually wanted.