how to add total quantity based on expiration dates

I have to develop a shortdated report based on expiration date…can anyone help?

Hi minnu, welcome to DUG.

Can you tell us what version of AX and reporting architecture you’re talking about? For example, you can create both MorphX and SSRS reports in AX 2009. Notice that you can add tags to any question - I prefer putting AX version there.

Even more important is to describe your problem. Maybe you never did any report and need somebody to explain you the very basics. Or maybe you have a specific problem with the particular requirement, nevertheless we can only guess what the problem is (until you explain it).

Hi martin,

I want to develop a ssrs report in ax2012.

What Exactly I want is…i should develop a shortdated inventory report…based on the expiration date I have to mention what is the available quantity in the lot…can you help me?

See Development Tasks for Reporting [AX 2012] to understand how to create reports for AX 2012. If you have a more specific question, you’ll have formulate it and ask.