How to add the New field To the Form

Hai to all,

I created a new table with 4 Fields,then i created a new Form by using that table as DataSource and then set the design also So My form is working fine.

Now what am asking is Now i want to add one New Field to my form .How it is possible?

I created another new field in my new table but is is not coming to my form fields?

So i Tried to add that new field in the design part og Grid control in my form then it will coming in the form.

But i didn’t found that field in the Form Fileds.Please give me suggestion how to add the new field to my form


Use the fieldGroup option in the table

Create a new group in your table & drag the required fields to that group

Now use this fieldgroup in your grid.

Hai Raja,

Thanks For Reply,if i do like that also it is not coming .what am asking is"i want to see the New Added field in the Form–> DataSouces–>My datasouce–>Fields"

Restore your form and then check

Hai Raja,

thanks for ur solution. it’s working.