How to add open balance to trial balance report in nav 2018

Hi Team,

My client wants opening balance (column) to be showing in the trial balance report when he runs it with date filter but the default trial balance report that not have those feature.


I think the main reason here that either you or your customer does not understand how the opening balance is posted to G/L and therefore you have a request like this.

If it is a matter of seeing the values only then its a matter of using the correct date filter (the date that the entries was posted).

So please explain a bit further what it is that you exactly need, as this is an unusual request…


I appreciate your answer. My client find it difficult to change. They believe in old system and they don’t want to adapt change. But I have done it by designed new report while I use the startbalance definition in Detail Trial Balance for my guide. Thanks

Hi Ayinde01,

If I understand correctly, you just need to explain to your customer how the standard report works and then, add certain column on the report, if needed.

And explain the dates meaning - order date, document date, posting date.

I had a lot question why something is not displayed on this date. At the end, we found out, that customer wanted to see some values on order date, while report was showing data on posting date, and those 2 dates were different. So, customer said I do not see balance on this date. After I explained them what date is taken in consideration, customer accepted the user mistake and understand that posting date gives them the correct date of posted entry.

I usually start at the order creation and set today’s date and then, I release the sales order, and reopen it, make some changes and set date in future for +1 day, and again release it, then before I post the sales order, I change the posting date to +3 days and then we look at the customer ledger entries and BA entries. Then we do some case on posting of opening balances and usually as we migrate from old system to NAV, we post opening balance on test database where I explain each date fields on a case.

Just keep it simple using a case on test/UAT database.

I try to convince them to use standard report for opening balances, unless some additional data has to be displayed (usually new column to cover local financial needs has to be inserted on the report).

Thank you
BR Damjan