How to add multiple filters with not in condition ?

Hi expert,

I want add multiple filters . For example i have a Item2 table in my database(SQL Database) in which i have add item from NAV item table now i want to list of item from Item table which are not in Item2 table and another filter is ‘Item Category Code value’ . How i can able to add two filters one normal filter and another is not in filter ?

Please help .



Are you using a SQL View?

What is the SQL Query statement you have now?

Are you trying in sql or navision???

How about throwing a quick flowfield in the item table

Exist(Item2 WHERE (Item2_No=FIELD(No.)))

unless you want a report?

if item2.GET(Item"no.")

then do something

else do something else

Hi all,

Now I am using Navision filter .example :

Item_Binding oNavBindingItem= new Item_Binding();

List< Item_Filter> filterArray Item = new List< Item_Filter>();

Item_Filter ItemFilter = new Item_Filter();

Item.Field = Item_Fields.IsTrue;

ItemFilter.Criteria = ‘True’;

filterArray Item.Add( ItemFilter);

oNavBindingItem.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

Insync_ Item[] list = oNavBindingItem.ReadMultiple(filterArray Item.ToArray(), null, 10000);

I have another SQL database where i added Item2 table now i want to list of items from Navision item table which are not in Item2 table in my databse. What will be best solution for these ?