How to add more than one group in Tablix in SSRSreports

Dear All,

I am using AX2012R2.

In my business process i have totally 4 item groups like lamina, stem,fines, diet.For every item group there is sum of Kgs like for Lamina 10000Kgs, Fines250Kgs like that.

Now i want to show sum of all Kgs in one tablix or text box like lamina+stem etc.

For that i am adding a group against that tablix or text box and adding filter with that item group name.I am trying to add all group in same filter like “Stem” & “Lamiina”, but no luck this time two filters are failing and getting zero.

so i am able to sum only one group at a time i am unable to more than one group.

Please suggest.



Dear experts,

Any guess about above issue.