How to add invoice based on Sales Order ?

Hi expert,

I have added a Sales Order .Now i want to add Invoice base of that Sales Order .When i am going to add invoice from post Invoice a error is showing ‘There is nothing to post’. Please give me suggestion why i am getting this error ?

Can you tell me how to add Incoming payment for a invoie of a customer .



Check the field Quantity,Qty to Ship,Qty to Invoice on sales order.

As well as check whetehr entire qty has been Invoiced against that sales order.

Hi Amol ,

Thanks for the reply . Its shipment date problem . But i want add invoice base on sales Order .Is it possible invoice add without shipment as because when i put Invoice Qty without Ship Qty it showing Cross error symbol .



Cross symbol meams the error

What is the error description ?

Hi Surajit,

If you wanna invoice from Post Invoice, your order must Post Ship first.

If you wanna invoice fully the buyer before shipment happens, you can issue Prepayment invoice for 100% of the amount. it blocks shipment until you apply the prepayment.

If you wanna create an invoice independently for something like freight or whatever, you can do it from Sales Invoie from and by clicking New. You can put a reference in Order No field for future tracking. Later when you post the shippment and invoice it too, when you are going apply the buyer’s payment, you can apply it to these two invoices.

After creation of Sales order you just open the new invoice form-> functions-> copy document-> in that enter all details of sales order


this will copy all of your sales order into invoice then you can post easilyyyyyyyyyy

Hi all,

Thanks for the reply .I have follow this process and invoice added succesfully , but Order status is ‘Open’ .How it status will be Release ? After adding Post for this invoice i can’t see the Invoice of this Order Please told me where we can see invoice?



As suggested by Jay, you need to post the shipment first…

if not use prepayment feature…

Hi All,

ok that means after invoice with prepayment ,Order will be realese . But after add post invoice from sales order it shoul be view ,where invoice can be saw ?



check your posted documents after posting an invoice!!

By the way, this forum is good for troubleshooting not basic learning.You need to learn a lot about this things so I advise you to hang on MSDN. Here is the link regarding Receivable Management: