How to add form ref in ax 2012 ( links into another form)

How to get link to open another form in ax 2012 any idea

Are you talking about view details? If so, in your case it is implemented in jumRef method.
\Forms\VendTable\Data Sources\DirPartyTable\Fields\Name\Methods\jumpRef

Thanks for Reply kranthi, I need to show the link , if I click the field it will go to master form corresponding field level, no need to get choose view details, directly will open the form

The link will be shown if the form is opened in View mode, clicking on that will do the same action.

I need this requirement for developing new form , where I can wrote some logic or changing any propertys , suggest me,how to approach this requirement

Are you using a standard table in that form? If so what field are you using?
If it is a custom field, you may have to create a new form and table with same name (like customer groups)
Please provide us more details.

iam using new table , for that iam using standard fields item id , customer id , if I click the item id it will go to master form

Is that not working? If you are ignoring the EDT relation(check this property on that field), you have to define a relation in your custom table.

YourTable.ItemId == InventTable.ItemId.

Thank you kranthi , I got , this is helped to me