how to add field values in one form and update that to field in another form


I have a Quantity field in one form.

I need to sum up that Quantities and sum should be updated in another form.

Both the forms are in same tab wit one common field.

Can anyone help me in this ?

hiiii RevathiL,

take Quantity field as a Extended data type…and use this EDT in table and use this table in form…take this field from data source and use in differene-different tab…

and u want to sum all Quantity----- use this method in form

public void activate (boolean _active)


super (_active);

select sum(Quantity) from tableName;


thanks for your solution…

Actually I joined two forms in same tab. First form has ID(primarykey,Num Seq) and TotalQty field. second form has Qty(manual entry) and ID. I have to sum the quantities of particular ID in Second form and it should be updated in TotalQty of that ID in 1st form. both the forms have seperate table,which method should i use & where should i write the method.