How to add CustomerVATNumber and SwiftCode and IBAN on SSRS Report in AX 2012

1)I want to add customre VAT number on salesInvoice Repotr(Account Recievable->all customer->Taxes->Customer VAT Number)

can any one tell me how to add it on SSRS report???

2)I want to add SwiftCode and IBAN from cashBankManagement-> bankAccount on SSRS report???

3)and after posting invoice data is not updated on custInvoiceJour and custInvoiceTrans

Hi Anita,

You can refer below link in which i suggest one solution similarly way you need to retrieve data same way for other fields

Thanks for your reply,


banktable = Bankaccounttable::findbycompany(company,accountid);

in this code what is “company” and “accountid”???


Hi Anita,

Company would be the current company you are log on into. You can use curext to find the current company and bank account number is the value which is there is master records of bank account forms.

Thanks ,

It is properly working for company having it’s own BankID.

But my requirement is that ,we are having 7 bank,when we select that bankId …SWIFT and IBAN and that bank NAME should be displayed on report,

for that i have added field BankId (BankAccountTable.AccountId) on form and fetch data from BankAccountTable but data is not fetched on report

i added method to fetch data on SalesInvoiceDP,



SalesTable salesTable;

select IBAN from bankAccountTable where

salesTable.SUN_AccountID == bankAccountTable.AccountID;

return bankAccountTable.IBAN;