How to add computed field with method in View

Hi Techies,

I am having requirement, need to Field in View(ProjPostTransView) here i am having field TotalCostAmountCur which is coming value based on legal entity currency. Now i want to add field TotalCostAmountCur which is replica and value should come in USD.

How to code in a view Can one help me.

Thanks in Advance!!!

What exactly is the problem?

I have created computed real field in view. coming to the logic
Here are the condition, based on the transdate and currency code(xxx to USD) need to get exchange rate…
But in a view, im not able to get current value.

Oh, you mean a computed column? If so, let’s change the title, because it talks about a completely different thing - display methods.
Unfortunately I can’t spot any bugs in your code until you share it with us. Also, please open SSMS, find the view, open its definition and look at the SQL code for your computed column. Maybe you’ll immediately see the problem. If not, share the SQL code with us too.