How to add Cheque title different from vendor name in AX dynamics by Functional consultant

How to add Cheque title different from vendor name in AX dynamics.
Above requirement is by Functional consultant not from Developer. kindly answer respectively.

Can you share an example of what you’re looking for? What do you mean “cheque title”?

Vendor “Ismail” is created in Dynamics AX 2012. Now we want to print cheque named “Abdul Hadi”. How can i insert different name in payee field of cheque other than “ismail”.

In short we have to issue cheque on different name. this case is usually with so many vendors. We want to change name whenever we want without changing Original Vendor name. Original vendor should not be change in product reciept, invoice and payment journal print out.

I’m pretty sure you can go to the Remittance tab on the payment journal line, add a new remittance address, and then select it on the payment journal line. That should drive who the check is printed for.

This is not working.

Let me elaborate further.

In payment journal>Journals> Accounts payable Module.

After adding line in overview tab.
We go to the Payment tab and manually type in “Account name” field.
This is what i was looking for.

I was finding Where to write Payee to print on Cheque.

Now my question is I want to save name entered in “Account Payee” field. I want that whenever i make payment journal for any Vendor the name that was entered in last payment in “Accoount name” field > Payment Tab > In payment journal.

In short i want to save “Account name” for all future payments.

Hey Hafsa,

Which country is this legal entity in? In my US legal entity, there is no such field so it’s likely either custom or something from a localization.

In Pakistan.

is there any option to save “Account name” to print on cheque on. So that whenever we print cheque against vendor payment. We donot have to manually enter name everytime.