How to add a search option

Dear All,

In ‘General ledger’ - ‘Reports’ - ‘Balance list with group total accounts’

Opening form, clicking ‘From’ in ‘Ledger account’. Pressing Ctrl+G -as it shown in screenshot ‘Account name’ field is inactive. But in field ‘Main account’ I can search by typing.

How to make it as in ‘Main account’?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nurilloh,

I think it should be display method, and we cannot enable search option for display method.

Please check is it display method or not by right click/ personalize.

in personalization

cannot find the fileds

Kumar where I can check with form or table is for Account name?

Does anybody can help me? Just show me the some samples and direct me how to do it. I’m a new in dynamics ax.
Thank you!

You want see the lookup in the personalization of the source form. These are two separate forms and the lookup is likely generated at runtime.
I don’t currently have access to AX, nevertheless I agree it’s a display method and you can’t filter by methods. You will have to implement a new lookup, if the requirement is important enough.