How to add a new form in a module

Hi ,

If we want to create the new unit of measure then we need to go to

Organization administration > Setup > Units > Units. here we need to add the new unit of measures. But what my client is asking this form should be available in the Procurement and inventory management module .

Being a functional consultant , how can I add that form without taking the technical help.

Please guide me .


Do you have the rights to access the AOT ?

I am a newbie to DAX but i know how to add a form to a particular module.

What is it that you exactly want ? Add the same form to a different module ? Or do you need

to make any customization on it ?

Yes , I have the rights to access the AOT.

Yes , the form which is available in the Organization module ,the same form need to add in the Inventory Management module.

one more thing i need to add the fields to form also ( for example in the purchase line table we have 60 fields , but in purchase line form it will display only 30 fields , now i need to drag another field from table to form level . How to do ?

Please guide me.

Hi Lally,

Sorry for the late reply, and ignore the post suggestion in the post above. I marked it wrong.

See, what you need to do is…

  1. The form you need is in Organization module right ?So, go to the AOT, find “MENUS” node under it and expand it.

  2. Look for your Module Organization in it. Expand it

3 Then there are these sub-menus, like parameters, reports, common forms, etc. If your Form is located in any such sub-menu, get its exact location where it is placed. (Hope you’ve got my point here).

  1. When you find the form you want. Right click on it, go to > add-ins>Open new window>Open used Menu Item. And a new window appears (FYI…There is also a node in AOT called Menu Item and has three sub-nodes, Display, Action and OutPut. Display is for the forms, Output is for the reports and Action is for Classes)

  2. If, you simply want to duplicate the form, right click on the opened Menu Item, Right Click and duplicate it.

  3. Now in AOT, go under Menu Items node>then Display (like i have explained before). In there you will find your Menu Item. Lets say ABC is the menu Item name of my form in display. Then the duplicated copy will have its name as COPY Of ABC.

7.Rename that COPY of ABC by the desired name. Now once done with this. Click on the save button, on the top of AOT.

  1. Drag this Newly named-created Menu Item to the New MENU and/or under the sub-menu or where-ever you wish to put it.

  2. After step 8 is done and you have saved. Close DAX window (exit from AX)

  3. Now, start AX client again. You can now find the newly added form under that specific MENU where you had added it.

Happy DAXing!

  1. In PurchLine Form there is a node ‘DataSources’, in there you will find PurchLine, expand it, then under fields node you will find all the fields there are in the PurchLine Table.

  2. Now in PurchLine Form, there is another node called >Designs, under it> Design, under it, you will find a Group.

  3. Inside Group, find Tab: Line, expand it, under it are several tab pages.

  4. Now if you want to add new fields to Tabpage:Tabline (or the name in your system), expand it and find Grid in that.

  5. Expand the Grid and you will see all the fields.

  6. Now, Right Click on datasource(in the PurchLine Form itself) and select Open new window, open, purchline datasource>Fields.(makes it easier to drag drop the fields)

  7. now select the field you want to add to the grid. Simply drag it to the grid. And save it.

  8. Open the form and you will see the newly added fields.