How to add a new field in Sales Quotation Report in AX2012?


Now I am working in Sales Quotation Report Customization in AX 2012. I am adding 2 fields(DlvMode,DlvTerm) in SalesQuotationHeaderTmp Table and assign these 2 fields in salesQuotationDP class(setSalesQuotationHeaderTmp method)

SalesQuotationHeaderTmp.DlvMode = CustQuotationJour.DlvMode;

SalesQuotationHeaderTmp.DlvTerm = CustQuotationJour.DlvTerm;

And I am placing this 2 fields in Report and deploy it.

next I run the report it gives error: SalesQuotationHeaderTmp.1.DlvMode does not exist in the report data provider Table SalesQuotationHeaderTmp.

I am trying this fields in different systems, it gives the same error.

Please give a suggestion How to rectify this.



Hi Balu,

Once generate the incremental CIL and try compiling the DP class.

Probably you would get it.

Hi Vishal,

Still I am facing the same problem after generate the incremental CIL and try compiling the DP class. The Delivery mode does not exist in reoprt data provider table. I think SetSalesQuotationHeaderTmp method in SalesQuotationDP class is a protected method. Remaining standard DP classes like SalesInvoiceDP, SalesPackingSlipDP classes having the private methods (insert into Tmp table).

So once you check it the classes.



Hi Balu,

Yes it is protected.

Also i found that table type property of this table is regular ( it should be either InMemory or TempDB).

So overall, i could say once try to make the table type is inMemory.

Hi vishal,

All most all Standard Tmp Tables are Regular.

Already I had change the tmp table property to TempDB, it gives the error.

It’s not a solution for this issue.




Try to generate full CIL.

And restart the SSRS (Start > Sql server 2008 R2 > Configuration tools > Reporting services configuration manager (Stop and start))

Hi Everyone, I am new to making any changes to this report layout (so pardon me if i ask a dumb Q). Say, if I need to change the label “Sales Quotation” to something like “Customer Sales Quotation” how could I do that? Do I still need to use VS?

2). Is it possible to print the report in Landscape as I see most of the report print in portrait?

  1. I have some experience with business intel dev studio 2008 where I have customized the report for Dynamics CRM. Is that the same approach here?

  2. I notice mentioning of classes - So does it mean, we need to make the code level changes and if so, how could I be able to figure out which class is behind each existing field or for adding new fields how could this be done?

appreciate your inputs. Many thanks


This is usually happened because of refresh issue.

  1. Try to synchronize the table which is related to your report.

  2. Compile the classes which is related to your report.

  3. From VS , try to refresh the dataset and check whether the RDP class included your new field.

  4. If YES, try to deploy your report from VS. (Before deploying, try to delete the user caches and web report from internet explorer)

  5. Try to open from Ax client.



Please restart the SQL Reporting Service.

Thanks & Regards,

Britto John Baskar.A