How to add a new field in EP in AX2009?


I need to add new field in EP in one of the form. Is it possible to Add new field in EP in AOT, Ax 2009 without using Visual studio.

If yes please explain?

Thanks in advnace

If you need to change the control, you’ll have to do it in Visual Studio. It may be possible to add a field without changing the control if the control uses a field group - you would simply add the field to the group in AOT.

Thanks martin, i Installed Visual Studio 2010 and cant able to find the EnterprisePortalTools in Microsoft Dynamics AX folder eg:(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\EnterprisePortalTools). Its EP servr only.

Currently EP is working fine also. I need to modify some forms as per requirement. EPDevelopmentTools folder is not there. Now how to ADD exising AOT in Visual studio 2010. am using AX 2009.


You have to install Enterprise Portal development tools from AX 2009 installation disc. Refer to the AX 2009 Installation Guide if you need details.

By the way, I don’t think that EP development tools for AX 2009 supports VS 2010; I believe they’re for VS 2008 only. VS 2010 is used for AX 2012.

Thanks Martin for your help

Installed Enterprise Tool and Visual Studio 2008. Now dynamics template is display. But how to Add exisiting AOT in Visual studio?

Once again thanks for your great help

The documentation is here: How to: Modify User Controls.

Yes created Dynamics AX web project in Visual Studio but when i right click solution explorer, Add user control from AOT option is not available…


yes it works. Thanks a lot martin for your help.