How to add a DB created View to the AOT?

Hi All,

I’ve created a DB view and I want to add it to the AOT. How can I do that?


There is no way - you have to model the query again in the AOT.

Well, that’s too bad! Especially when you have a complicated query that may not be doable to model it in an AOT query!

If you have a query that can’t be modeled in AOT, you can’t add it to AOT (as you asked in your question). That should make sense.

And of course AX isn’t SQL Server and they don’t have the same features. I would also like to see some SQL Server’s features supported by AX, but we have to work with what we have got.

Do you know any efficient website(s) that teach how to build complicated AOT queries?

Try Queries in the AOT for Data Access [AX 2012] on MSDN.

Thanks Martin, however, I was looking for something more advanced than the MSDN! Hope the next edition of the AX will have SQL Server functionality available within the AOT!