How to activate responsible employee field in the Fixed Card?


I was definitely compromised with SL card of the Fixed Asset where I can not put name on the responsible employee. It seems not activated. is there any other way to activate it?

What do you mean by not activated? That you cannot change the content, or you’re not allowed to key in data?

If you have opened the fixed asset card in edit mode, then you should be allowed to change the responsible employee by select their code among your resources (have to be created first).

PS: Always write which version of NAV your question is about…

Hi Erik,
we’re using Navision 2009. When I’m going to click the responsible employee card it doesn’t work at all. Maybe there’s wrong with the setup.

Will you able to see employee List once click on the field ?
Have you created employee data ?
Are you getting any error message ?

We don’t have the employee data yet. I just cant see the employee list in the field once I click it.

If you have not created any employees, then you cannot see employees in the list. And when there are no employees, then you cannot select them either. Are you sure you have permissions to the employee table?