How to activate menus/modules in a new company?

Hello, I am a new Navision user, just created a new SQL databse and a new company within that db. What step do I need to take in order to actually see the functional menus? I would like to practice with a brand new company that is absolutely empty. I can use Cronus for testing, but I want to start from scratch. Is it possible in Navision or is there some unique trick to it? Thank you, Serioga

Go a few steps back. Create a new database and restore the CRONUS backup onto this empty database. This will populate your database with the application objects and the demostration company. From here, you can create a new company and start from scratch, and you can always take a look at the CRONUS company if you want or need to. [edit] Look here for a crazy test with an empty company [:D] (first post by David Singleton):