How to achieve SysLookupMultiselectCtrl in ax 2009?

Hi all,

i want a multiselect lookup in ax 2009…what is a the class used for multiselect in ax 2009???

The SysLookupMultiselectCtrl class is was a new feature of AX 2012, so it doesn’t exist in AX 2009.
Multi-selection lookups are usually pretty ugly anyway - did you consider other solutions, such as selecting multiple records in a grid?
If I was you, I would rather design the solution differently than trying to develop something similar to SysLookupMultiselectCtrl. It’s possible, of course, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also worth doing.

if any possibility to multi select the value in ax 2009 like 2012 …

Hi Cristiano,

Please look at the below link for the Dynamics Ax Community thread which I’ve answered already.…/535562
I hope it’ll be helpful. If it is your requirement please close this thread by mark as Verified.


I thought we already mentioned this to Cristiano (aka billgates), but I found it was in another thread about the same topic (Multi-select ComboBox In AX 2009).