How to achieve Custom table financial dimensions relationship in D365FO


We have a custom module and we do have 3 custom table masters , which is required to use as a financial dimensions and is achieved.

3 tables , Division , precinct, blocks these tables having a hierarchical relationship .

Division will have independent values.

Precinct Will have values associated with specific division.

Blocks will have values associated with precinct.

Requirement: while creating any financial transaction example journal lines, for financial dimension when division dimension value is selected in precinct dimension only division related precinct should be allowed to select. Like wise for block dimension value only precinct related dimension should be allowed to select.

In standard by creating organization hierarchy and applying relationships we can achievement business unit, department, cost centers. In same way how we can achievement for my custom table dimensions I.e Division, precinct , blocks.

Can some one guide me the steps or any documentation to understand and achieve this in D365FO.