how to access AOS remotely through internet?


I have a Client who has the headoffice in one country and lots of branches across multiple countries. I need to implement AX for them.

If I install db server and AOS in one place(headoffice), how do I install clients in all other countries and access this centralised AOS which is at the headoffice?
Data should be shared across all branches. So, they should all connect to same database. This cannot be negotiated.

The solution what I thought about is, to install DB and AOS servers in one LAN and access any server in the same LAN through remote desktop from all branches and access same Ax aplication. Is there any other way out?

Thanks in Advance.


even i am looking for answer to same question. can any Expert can reply

The citrix is the solution on which axapta will be published and can be accessed by VPN or internet.