How to Access a field in another table which is not a data item in the reports data Model


I have a requirement where I need to access a table field in a table which is not included in the reports data item.

I have few options to do this.

  1. Create a Record variable of the sub-type which is the external table and access that variable and iterate through values with SETRANGE, SETFILTER etc.
  2. Create a temporary table write data to it and retrieve it from there
  3. Access the required field during the run-time.

What is the most recommended option?


I have to look for Vendor Invoice No in Purchase Order Table, But only Purchase Receipt Header and Purchase Receipt Line is used in the report.


Create a record variable and use filters to get desired value. It is a better way because you can’t just create temporary table for each such report .If you do so there will long list of temporary table which do not have any value in it until the report is run



How about accessing the fields at run-time??

What exactly you mean by option 3?

Even option one can be performed at run time…

Yeah I got it!

Thanks for the reply…