How the values are set in matrix table

Hi. to all Experts,

I am working in standard budget form ID 113 and in that we are using Matrix table.

can anyboby tel me how the values are coming in matrix table.

I am using Debugger also.but no result .

Plz peply me its urgent…

Thanks in Advance


The content of the matrix field is being calculated in the “OnFormat” trigger of the field.
Just click the “BudgetedAmount” and press F9. There you will see.

hi thomas,

for form 554- Analysis by Dimensions, any idea where can i get the data?


This depends on the “Show” field setting in the Option tab - so either the Analysis View Entry or Analysis View Budget Entry tables

hi dave,

in form554: Analysis by Dimensions…the show field: Actual Amount


…then it’s the Analysis View Entry table

hi dave,

thanks for replying… however in the report there’s some issues which i am still trying to figure out… the header column ought to reflect on column layout table which was preset, having the column layout name, i was still unable to filter the records in column layout table using
ColumnLayout.SetRange(“Column Layout Name”, columnvlaue); [:(]