How the PurchCreateOrder form opens when we click on Purchase order button.

Hi folks,

I have a doubt. When we click on Purchase order action pane button by navigating to Accounts payable > Common > Purchase orders > All purchase orders and clicks on Purchase order action pane button on list page then it opens “PurchCreateOrder” form. I searched a lot but I didn’t find the fact that from where this page is getting opened. Where is the code to open this form or is there any form property?

Please let me know guys ASAP.

Thanks in advance…

Look into the create method of purchTable datasource in the form.

Thanks Kranthi. Could you please let me know why we are opening this form by writing code into datasource create method. As I am new so I don’t have much idea about Ax.


That is how it has been designed, when you click on new it will open up a form, where you need to fill the necessary information and click ok it will create an order. It has been designed for a better user interface, where you can accommodate a number of fields in a structured format.

Thanks Kranthi.