How the MenuSuite functions in NAV 2013


I am new to NAV 2013. I have some doubts in MenuSuites. Please refer the following scenario.

  1. I created a new MenuSuite with Dept-Partner design level.

  2. After certain modifications, I saved it and run it in the Windows client.

  3. The resulting Departments menu shown in the Windows client is the new one that I have created.

Now, I am confused in some areas which are mentioned below:

a) How does the new MenuSuite got automatically loaded in the Windows Client? I couldn’t find any areas in RTC and RoleCenter where we can specify which MenuSuite to be selected.

b) If we create 3 or 4 MenuSuits with different Design Levels, which one would be run automatically when I start the windows client on the next time? Is there any criteria for the selection of Menusuits?? Does it depend on the Design Permission Levels?

c) Do we have any option in RTC or Role Centers where we can specify a particular Menusuit to be selected among a number of availablbe Menusuits ?

I don’t think there is a need to create 3 or 4 MenuSuits in a single application, but consider it as an ideal case only for learning purposes.

a) Client will pick up the menusuite which has highest number like if you have 1010 ,1030 and 1090 then it will pick up 1090 which is cumulative of 1010+1030+1090.

b)there is no criteria to select the menusuite

c) Add-on’s will be developed on 105* to 1060 and if we import them and compile the highest menusuite then all the Add-on menu’s will be shown in client.

Thank You :slight_smile: