How Testing Environment Work - AX 2009

Hi All,

We have installed seperate instance for testing purpose. But i have some questions listed below related to testing.

  1. This way of using different instance for testing works fine?

  2. how to deploy our development effect to this testing instance?

-By export & import specific .xpo files?

or is there any batter way to work perfectly with testing?

  1. is there any tool available to for testing?
  1. Well, yes, this is how it normally should be. There should be at least 3 environments - Development, Testing, Production.

  2. XPO export-import is the one way to go. Others just copy over the whole layer file (.aod files), but last option is safer to be done from TEST to PROD environments. Try not copy layers from DEV to TEST as you never know if there are no bugs (and code/data conflicts) left on DEV. Copying layers however is a good approach as you never have ID conflicts and you are 99.999% sure that PROD has to have just the same logic as TEST had when you last tested it.

  3. For testing… well, business people or business analysts should test changes before applciation modifications are transfered to PROD.

About tools - Team Foundation Server with Testing Suite is the ultimate tool for testing, but as this is so powerfull tool I will not even touch any aspects of what it can do…

I suggest the following way:

  1. As Janis suggested three environments, DEV, TEST and PROD

  2. Have a build process when checking in any piece of functionality, the build process should compile all AOT and furthermore should run unit tests. The build process should produce the .aod files to be imported to the test environment. I believe this could be done with TFS but never tried it.

  3. Copy the .aod files produced to the TEST environment to run functional tests

  4. Copy the .aod files produced to the PROD environment when functional tests pass

In addition to that you need to take care of the label files - if you are using the labels(.ald files)

Before migrating the changes from Test to PROD take a back of application and data base files of PROD…

ok, i will create new instance that is fine.


As we replace .aod files it will marge all changes of all forms & table with that new instance.

but suppose i have modified 5 classes & 2 Tables, and i want to test this classes & tables related functionallity. so i have to export & import this all classes & tables??

in my case i cnt use this .aod files, right?

so only option is export all .xpo files & import this to test machine?

i have found concept of project, here we have to export only one .xpo file of this project insted of all classes & tables files.

but i havnt experience of working with project in ax.

will it work fine with testing?

An XPO can be a single object or Project containing different objects.

You can see Projects beside AOT on the top (or) simply press CTRL+Shift + P - now the projects will be opened.

Create new project private/shared(right click - new)- drag the objects from AOT into the created project - save it and export it and import it your PROD environment.