How Stable Is Item Tracking in MBS 3.70

Hi All, Just was qurious to know, if i am the only person suffering from item tracking in MBS Navison 3.70, specially with items with serial no. Thanks and regards

Hi Harikesh, Please!Can you share the problem areas you are facing. I will be starting to work in an implementation that requires this functinality. It would be a big help to know the problems before hand. Thanks and REgards, Ramya Venkat

Item tracking has got problem in Transfer Ordre (Receipt) Only.

Hi Rajan, It has got in Manufacuting too. Regards

Hi Hari, Never tried in manufacturing but serious problems in Transfer Order.

Still ? I know 360 was a nightmare, but 370 is also not yet bugfree in that respect ? Also try to assign like 500 serial numbers …