How should I fill a field in a form automatically with the same value that I fill another field in the same form


Can anyone help me with the code that I should write if I want to enter a value in a field in the General Journal form (External Document No.) at the moment when I enter a certain value Applies-to Doc. No. field. I have tried adding code in Applies-to Doc. No. - On Lookup trigger in Gen Journal Table but it didn’t work.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Magdalena,

You should use the OnValidate trigger.

hi Magdalena,

Exactly Wat dave said…

u should place the code on onvalidate trigger of that field.

Dave & Ravi

Thanks a lot .

Glad to Help [:D]

Is this the right code?

Applies-to Doc No. - OnValidate

VALIDATE(“External Document No.”,“Applies-to Doc. No.”);