How right to set up the alert in AX4 ?

I did the following steps nothing happens:

  1. Tools - Options

e-mail = user mail

I am setting the Alert value:

Receive alerts every (minutes) = 1

Pop-up link destination: = To alert

Send alert as e-mail message = define on eachalert rule

Show pop-ups = define on eachalert rule

  1. Inventory Management - Items and for tab General for Item name right click and select:

Create alert rule…

  1. In the window Create alert rule - Items i am set up:

Event = has changed

Alert me for = All records in Items

Alert me when = no end date

Alert me with:

Subject = Field Item name in table Items has changed

Message= item name was changed

Alert who = userid

Also alert me by:

show pop-ups = true

send e-mail = true

  1. Basic -setup - batch groups

i am creating the group Alerts

  1. Basic - setup - Batch - Journal types

here i am creating the new Journal type (Alert) for him in the tab General i am setting up the classes: EventJobCUD, EventJobDueDate, SysEmailDistributor

  1. Basic - setup - Batch - Journal names

I am creating the new Journal (AL) who has the Journal type = Alert

Click on Jobs and i am adding the EventJobDueDate, SysEmailDistributor

After that i am pressed the button Processing and in the Batch Journal Execution for Batch i am set up:

Batch Processing = true

Batch Group = Alerts

Priority = 1

Here also in Batch Journal Execution i am presising Recurrence and in the form Recurrence i am set up:

No end date = true

minutes = true

count =1

Aftre all of those setups from Batch Journal Execution i am pressing the button OK.

  1. В Basic - inquires - batch list in the batch list I can see my Alerts which has the status Waiting

  2. To be inform on the e-mail I am setting up the template: basic - setup - e mail templates

and Outgoing server : Administration - Setup - E mail parameters

  1. I am running Processing from Basic - Periodic - Batch - Processing

  2. I am changing the name for Item name and after a while nothing happens, and i am not alert trough the е-mail and pop-ups

Also in Basic - Setup - Alerts - manage alert rule for mine alert rule after pressed the button View alerts - i can not see any alerts messages.

Could any body provide me in right way to set up the alert in DAX 4 ?


I guess the alert batch server might have been configured incorrectly. Have a look here [] and make sure it is set correctly.

Hope this helps,

It doesn’t work. And also it doesn’t work when I am doing that manualy.

Why - ?

I solved the problem with set up the alet rule. But I have another one How could I send to e-mail the user id who mad a change for a specific rule by another user ?

Hi AndrianG - did you ever find an answer to this problem? Also, how did you get AX to send you an email for each alert, as I cannot figure out how to do this. Thanks

Yes. Every thing what I have describe above is correct. Try to run the job manually and check the results. If no resuts try a full compile and check the errors. Also in my case I have deleted te records from EventCud table. Also check if class EventJobCud is compiling without errors. Good luck.

Thanks for that AndrianG. I have managed to set up the alerts to work properly and issue popup alerts when needed. However, I cannot get emailed alerts to work at all - I have looked at Email Parameters, and I think the problem may be there. In the Computer Name field, I cannot fit the name of any of our computers from the domain into that field as the names are too big by 2 characters! I have set the outgoing mail server, SMTP port number, use NTLM is checked. Also instead of a computer name I have entered the IP address of the AOS server in there, but the problem is that the AOS server IP address is liable to change as it obtains the IP address dynamically from the router. Can you help any further??


How To set Also Facing the Same Problem.I m not able to see view alerts.


i have been struggling with the same problem for a while now and have not managed to work it out. how did you manage to make the pop up alerts work?

i made all the necessary set up:

  • defined user options to receive alerts every minute by pop ups

  • a batch group for alert notifications

  • defined the AOS as the batch server

  • created an alert rule.

  • activateted the change based alerts job

  • made a change in the field for which the rule was created.

  • the batch inquiry showed the job but the status never changed from “Waiting”

please let me know what have you done to make this work!




Someone please tell me, is it possible to send alerts to third party email ids. … Like is it possible to give email id manually while defining alert rule>??

Please suggest

it isn’t possible to specify the receiver’s email id directly on the alert rule setup. the receiver has to be an AX user, and the user’s email id has to be set up on his user options.

however you can always create a domain user for third party emails, and specify the email u want on the user options and then select this user on the alert rule you need to use.

this is as far as i know.