How quickly delete all General Posting Setup table values?

Good day everyone!

I need to re-import General Posting Setup values in a NAV company that has no transactions. When I try to Batch Delete existing values, NAV won’t let me to do that. Instead, it will open General Posting Setup cards one by one and ask for confirmation to delete. Do you know if there is an easy way to quickly delete all values in the General Posting Setup table? Thank you.



Values in Gen. Business Posting Setup and Gen. Product Posting Setup table can be easily deleted with “Select All + Delete”

Yes: (if you have development experience) by using the Develpment Client.

Either you can run the table and delete from there or you can write some code that deletes whatever you want.

Thanks for the quick response, Anfinnur.

I was little bit cautious about that option because of dependencies. Do you think it will be safe also to delete, say, Customers via Development Environment > Table Run? Thank you.

That’s because standard business-logics are used here at same level as if you delete records in a page.

You must NOT delete records in a batch using “DELETE(FALSE)” - unless you are quite certain in what you are doing.

Thank you very much!!