How Quantity not in shipment field value is calculated

Hi All,

I am facing issue in output order,here my requirement is to find how quantity not in shipment field value is calculated.I tried to debug the code and see,but i couldn’t able to find. Can anybody help me out on this.


Hi Karthik,

I assume you’re using WMSII ‘Consolidated picking’ functionality?

‘Quantity not in shipment’ refers to the quantity on the Output order which is not added to a Shipment.

I can reproduce the quantities you see there by adding an Output order for a quantity of 2 to a Shipment. If I then go to the Shipment I can choose ‘Show lines’. On the Shipment lines form, I can do ‘Functions’ → ‘Update quantity’. If I change the quantity to ‘1’, I get the values you see in your screenshot.

Hi Terry,

Thank you very much for your help.We have resolved that issue.