how often do you usually check batch job's status?

Hi everybody!

I have many (>200) batch jobs which starts at different time during the day.

these batch jobs do a different type of work and they have different infologs.

batch jobs has been created by different programmers and I think I need some advice.

how often do you usually check batch job’s status during the day?

or what is the best way for one person to check them all and not to spend much time on that?

thank you in advance

Hello Stanislavsn,

in case of this many batches , i will go with the option of ‘error only’ for batch job history.
and will check in detail if any batch job has error.

Kunal, You said that you check ‘error only’, but they appear during all day long. How many times do you check during a day?

What do you want to check?
If you want to know if something fails, why don’t you use alerts?

Martin Thank you for great idea! of course I just didn’t think about alerts. I am setting up the alert rule on status field in ButchJob Table. If status is error then the alert sends email with an error message. But there is some problem with EventCUD table. EventCUD table have a lot of events, so Job named Change based alerts has always status executing. I think how to solve it.

You can configure alerts on per-job basis, as documented in Set up alert for batch job.

Many thanks, Martin! This helped me. I thought that only for one user who started the job. I looked inside code butchjob inquiry and found out that this settings are for every user who opens the inquiry. I have configured alerts on per-job basis, It works well. AX sends Emails with errors to servicedesk.