how much is it for a NAV designer license?

Hi Guys,

our company is using the vavisoin 4.0 sp3, and need to desgn a few forms and codeunits. I wonder how much is it for a NAV designer license? is it annual fee or life time? can we lease a license?

thanks for the help!


you just need to buy objects you required and its one time fee

but yes if you want a developer licesnse then ur company need to become ms partner

with client license u can design forms, reports but on form you cannot write a code

You can purchase full developer access, but it is cost prohibitive for most companies and for what it sounds like you want to do.

so, how much is it to ne exactly? can we lease a license?

I’ve read in the past $25K (2006).

but if you are talking a few forms & codeunits - it’s probably best to give the specs of what you want to your nav partner.

Have them develop it for you for a more reasonable price.

I think Solution Developer is in the neighborhood of $25k. You have to have Application Builder before that, which I think is around $7k. And I think before that you have to have the designer tools for each of the objects, I forget how much they are, probably $1k to $2k each. And you need someone with the experience to do the development properly. A lot of money. Again, these are only estimates.

are you saying $1k-$2k for the designer tools for each of the objects. i.e. form, report, dataport, codeunit etc. that would be 4 objects?

where and how do I buy them?

That doesn’t mean you can change whatever you want. You should contact your NAV partner, tell them exactly what you want to do, and they should be able to tell you the cost of buying the tools.