How much beer do we drink?

How many litres of beer do you use per week (weekdays only!)?

For those of us who still consume our ale in pints [:D], 1 litre is about 1.75 pint glasses.

So many people in here were talking about beer drinkin’ but poll is nearly dead [xx(] Don’t be affraid, this poll isn’t made by your boss [:D] -

How much beer do I drink? Too much, I’m sure. [:D] To alcohol! The cause of - and solution to - all of life’s problems.

I know one guy who’s working for Hansaworld (Hansa Financials). He and his colleagues drink beer at working hours [:)] They can’t do anything without beer. Jen beer will not solve your life problems. Beer drinkin’ in this case is the same as to gun down yourself, but slower [:D] -

Hi Arthur, You may have forgotten that this is an international forum. There really is no way to compare weekdays internationally. Tks David [:D][:D][:D] So the estimation will be truncated if you compare a vote from a country where they work 6 days a week or more to an American vote. Other problem: Does everyone work the same number of hours a week? I think not. Regards, John [:p]