How Move code/ Customization From Testing To Production In AX 2012 R3

Hi Team,

We Have 3 Ax 2012 r3 servers in my company development, Test, Production (AX2012_Dev, AX2012_Test, AX2012_Prod)

All Ax developers are working developer server (AX2012_Dev), once unit test done from developers we will move code/ Customization from “AX2012_Dev” to “AX2012_Test” Only using Xpos .

Once the testing done by functional team then we will move code from” AX2012_Test” to “AX2012_Prod “Using Model store (I think this is the right way code move test to Production for First time)

My customer need changes on Some Forms and Reports (Some are small changes & some are big changes) after using production environment some days later

Then whatever required for the customer, we did the changes in Dev and Test (Tested also done in “AX2012_Test”) now we want move code to “AX2012_Prod” we added some tables Forms, Clasees, Methods, Menu items etc etc.)

What is the Best way to move “AX2012_Test” to AX2012_Prod? (Production environment currently using Customer)

If moving Model Store(Latest of Test) is the Best Option? If yes please provide the necessary step we need to follow?

If No please Provide the alternative?

Look at this white paper.