How many records can the Item table hold???

Hi, We are looking at taking on a client with 1.2 million items. Does anyone know if Navision can handle this amount of records? [?]

Theoretically there are no limits extept database and/or harddisk-size. We have customers with several millions ledger- and item-entries…

Ok Thanks, Thought it may be so… I think or recall somewhere that Navision can go up to 64gb database size and thereafter SQL server can handle more. SO there is no apparent limit. Good news. With careful KEY management this should be no problem. I just hope that DB speed is not affected too much…

Hello, Last time I checked, the maximum size allowed by a Native Navision database had been increased to just above 131Gb.

Difficult to believe that anybody (except WallMart) needs millions of entries in item master. I think you should conceder to use Lot Numbers or Serial Numbers or Variant Codes. Your reporting will be much easier.

Intially I suggested Variants but with this client they are using SAP to drive their item file and we are (will be) importing/updating Navision Database daily.

Working with many articles Incadea has a nice system where all items are first stored in a Catalog file and transfed over to the Item table when needed. Keeps the Item table small relative to the Catalog table. Regards Graham

Hello, Navision now has a similar feature - Non-stocked items. You create a non-stocked item for your catalogue & if you get any orders for it, you convert it to a real inventory item. This keeps your item table clear of ‘possible’ items that might not be used.

The maximum number of records in a Navision Server table is maxinteger, being 2,147,483,647 (2^31 - 1). So you have a way to go yet.

Robert maybe correct but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced a huge impact on system performance caused by sizeable Item and Item Ledger Entries tables. My advice would be the same as Edwards - create a non stock item and then convert when enough interest warrants it!