How many nav server instances can we create for a customer licence...?

Hi Experts,

Can you please let me know that how many nav server instances can we create for a single customer licence… and for customer licence by default i will get multiple instances or should i need to pay for each nav server instance?

Any help would be appreciated…

Thanks in advance


I am assuming you are talking about the middle-tier (NST) of the newer “3 tier” NAV versions.

You license the end-user client sessions that connect to the NAV Server instances. You can create as many NAV Server instances as you want. There is no licensing for them.

Older NAV versions license file contains “granule” 1,520 Server - Windows NT (Intel) - this determines licensed count of NAV servers (that is, middle tier between DB and Client)

PS Which NAV version you have? and for what reason customer needs more than one instance?

Thank you both of you…

i have nav 2013R2 version Modris Ivans. and my customer need to give one instance for webservice and one for general users…

Granule 1520 was for the old “Native C/Side” database server. It has nothing to do with the 3 Tier configuration.

Granule 9100 “Dynamics NAV Server” is the one for the middle tier. It is just a 1 time purchase and has no count restrictions.