How many companies / entities can we create in AX 2012?

How many companies / entities can we create in AX 2012?

There is a technical limit, because of finite length of DataAreaId, but that’s much higher than what you should ever need.

Hi Eclipse,

For your reference: I’m working at a customer having around 3000 companies running in AX4. They are now migrating to AX2012. There are already about 1700 legal entities in the system.

In AX4 the dataareaId was 3 characters. As of AX2009 (so also in AX2012) it is 4 characters. This enables to have around 1.5 million legal entities using characters A…Z and 1…9.

Note that some parts are not very friendly to have this large number of legal entites. We had to customize a few parts to manage e.g. 1600 chart of accounts as this is a global setup. Also other forms needs to have some filtering options.

Note that currently we encountered some issues due to the number of legal entities where the kernel is not able to translate all calls in some special cases. Microsoft support is currently working on this.

I do hope you don’t have this number of companies…