How long should it take to print an A/R Aged Receivables?

We just upgraded to Navision 2009 and I know some of the sorting keys may be off but I am curious how long should a A/R ageing take to run. I guess the only way to compare this is by data size, my data files are almost 3 gig now.

It really depends on how many customers you have. With most of my clients it only takes a minut or so. But I guess it would take more if you have a few thousands customers. Have you tried running it and how long did it take you?

Thanks for all your help.

I am working with my installation company on this but I just wanted some more information so I could give them the right feedback. I have run it couple of times, with detail and without and both times it took over an hour to generate. Our database of customers is close to 7,000 and the report with detail is over 100 pages. In our version 2.1 it was just minutes to generate but I don’t think the comparison between the two versions works, too many changes.

I could understand it if it was the RTC client. Here the reports sometimes are “a bit” slow, compared to the old classic reports. But as far as I remember, then you’re only using the classic client, right? But even with 7,000 customers, then it should not take you over an hour!

Correct, we have the classic client. I appreciate the information, I knew an hour seemed long and they are working the sorting part of it so it sorts on the right keys.

You have upgraded your DB from 2.1 to 2009 ?

Are you using standard Navision report or it is customized report ???

Yes we did, a lengthy process.

My only source of comparison is how the reports printed in 2.1 which isn’t very comparable, that is why I am asking the question. I don’t know if there is key sort problem or do the reports take longer to generate because of all the new tables.

It is the standard report.

Back in version 5, this report was updated to handle back dating properly. I don’t recall all the details but there was an issue with the older report if a client posted payments before invoices. This change caused the report to run longer. How long depends on the amount of transactions in the DB. On some clients that didn’t need this new “feature”, I ended up replacing the new report with the old one. But this, of course, is not an option with RTC.

Also some of your numbers don’t make sense. You say you have 7000 customers and the DB is only 3 GB? You sure you are not readign the size wrong?

Thanks for the input.

I have noticed some errors popping us saying that it can’t post because the payment date is before the invoice date. That was caused on our part due to manual entry errors but now that we are live we aren’t having those issues any longer. As for our older data there may have been we posted payments or deposits and they weren’t applied to orders for whatever reason.

My main inquiry was to see if other people were experiencing this report taking a long time to generate. I gave generic data which is pretty close to the actual, the data size might be close to 4 gig and the total customers didn’t include contacts or prospects. We had been using version 2.1 for over 10 years so there wasn’t as much information on the customer cards as we see with Navision 2009.